Great Tips for Choosing Which Stakes to Play in Your WSOP Tournament

When it comes to playing in the World Series of Poker (WSOP) tournaments, one of the most important decisions you can make is determining which stakes to enter. You want to balance pushing yourself and staying within your comfort zone. However, with so many options available―from micro-stakes to high rollers―it’s easy to get overwhelmed when deciding.

To help guide you in this process, we’ve put together some tips for choosing stakes that are right for you at WSOP tournaments. Read on to gain insight, from evaluating bankrolls and setting entry limits to analyzing games and adjusting accordingly.

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Consider your bankroll

It is important to keep your bankroll and comfort level in mind when deciding which stakes to play in the world’s most prestigious poker tournament. Understand your risk tolerance, both financially and emotionally.

Gambling too high can have detrimental effects on both and potentially leave you with considerable regret. As such, pick a stake that aligns with your ability to have the best experience possible at the WSOP. 

Nothing causes unnecessary pressure like feeling pushed beyond what you’re comfortable with, so ensure you are honest with yourself when making this determination.

Understand the structure of the tournament

The tournament structure is one of the most important things to consider when choosing which stakes to play. Paying attention to how many levels there are and how long each level lasts can help you understand the type of bankroll you’ll need for your WSOP journey. This applies whether you’re playing cash games or tournaments.

It’s also important to familiarize yourself with the blinds menu and the rate at which they increase to determine if it’s a speed game, a classic game, or something else entirely. Understanding the tournament’s structure will help you plan appropriately and give you an edge on the competition – all essential components for a successful WSOP run.

Set yourself a goal

Setting a clear and achievable goal is essential for any aspiring poker player. If you are looking to make a good run at the WSOP, it is important to identify an appropriate goal. It will inform your decisions when selecting the right stakes for you at each event and provide clear measuring points throughout the series.

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Every motivated player should begin their WSOP online or live journey with a solid plan in place. Once you have defined a goal you feel comfortable chasing, you can invest accordingly, compete with more confidence, and focus on your path to success.

Know the players

Knowing who you’re playing against in the World Series of Poker is a great starting point to help you establish which stakes are right for your skill level. One of the most important keys to poker success, whether at tournaments or cash games, is understanding the players around the table and recognizing their styles of play.

Doing so before joining a game allows you to be ahead of most other players in the room. Keep track of which levels of stakes they’re usually playing at and how that strategy has changed over time. This will give you an added advantage when determining where to sit down and play.

Of course, playing with opponents who have a similar knowledge base as yourself is particularly helpful for finding success in any poker game or tournament.

Don’t be afraid to move up

No one should be afraid to move up the stakes in the World Series of Poker as long as they feel confident in their abilities. When playing at a higher stake level, you must have control over your own actions and be very mindful of how each decision can affect the outcome of a hand or tournament.

That is why preparation and analysis are key. You can do it by studying opponents’ tells, analyzing hands, and reviewing poker strategy videos or podcasts, and it will help you have better results at the table. 

However, no amount of research or practice will make up for having an unshakeable disposition. Confidence is essential if you want to increase stakes efficiently without getting burned.

Play within your limits

Making poker mistakes can be a costly endeavor, yet it’s hard to avoid when playing at higher stakes tournaments at the WSOP. Indeed, poker experts consistently advise players against taking too much risk and aim for more conservative plays.

If you feel intimidated by higher-stakes WSOP tournaments, there’s no need to worry. It is perfectly acceptable to stick with lower-stake tournaments and gradually build up your poker bankroll. 

Fundamental poker concepts remain essentially the same, but the bigger stakes force you to make smarter moves since even the slightest mistake may lead to huge losses.

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Don’t forget about satellite tournaments

Satellite tournaments are often a great way for players to get a seat at the main event without spending as much money as it would cost if you were to buy in directly. These smaller tournaments are also an excellent opportunity for players to familiarize themselves with poker and the tournament structure of higher-stakes games.

With careful planning and bankroll management, satellite tournaments can be used as an effective strategy to increase your chances of participating in more expensive events. Therefore, always keep satellite tournaments in mind when selecting what stakes to enter when you play WSOP.


Playing in the WSOP can be an exciting and rewarding experience. It is essential to consider all factors when deciding which stakes to play in. Your bankroll, the tournament structure, your goals, and the players you are facing should all be considered. 

Also, don’t be afraid to move up the stakes and take advantage of satellite tournaments if you feel confident. Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun and always play within your limits. With these helpful tips, you can make the most out of your WSOP game experience.